Garden Color in an instant!

Keeyla Meadow's newest book...


I saw Keeyla Meadows when she was promoting her first book at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle a few years ago. She presented a seminar there about using color in the garden. We all sat there waiting for her to spill out something that we could  take home with us that would make our efforts look even 1/100th as over the top as her creations.  She taught me one very important thing.  It hit home and continues to be one of my secret weapons in the garden.  She said in her talk, ” the fastest, least expensive way to add COLOR to any garden is with PAINT! …After that, I have never been able to walk past the MIS-MATCHED paints in Home Depot or Lowes without checking to see if they had some beautiful color that I needed for something magical that I might paint some day. My son and I started transforming the Garden Center yesterday. We started by adding a fresh coat of white to the main walls and shelves in the gift shoppe.  Today I moved forward and went crazy with a beautiful, natural shade of Grey on 3 tables, one shelf and 2 crates and made a “new” corner to display some new products on order.  Tomorrow I am moving on to the good stuff…Coral and Lavender and Turquoise!  It has been a long winter and I have been COLOR Starved! I am in Heaven with my$ 3.00 gallons of paint and a roller and a brush!  When I get done painting everything in sight, I will reward myself with a copy of my Favorite Garden Artist’s newest book!

First delivery of Nursery Trees arriving this week!

Royal Raindrops Crabapple

This beautiful new introduction is one of the many new trees arriving at Westwood Gardens next week! We are excited that fresh stock will be arriving to set up the Nursery for our 2010 season. Everyone is asking, “When are you opening?”… “As soon as possible”, is my reply!
The dark pink blooms start the show of color and are followed by beautiful dark leaves that turn spectacular bronzed orange in the fall!  click here to see detailed information and more great photos of this new tree.

Cool New Plants for 2010!

Echinacea “Hot Summer” Coneflower                                                              There have been some incredible Echinacea introductions in the past couple of years, but no single variety makes a complete bouquet like ‘Hot Summer’. Glistening rayed petals open a soft, mango color and fade to orange-red. Spectacular! A tall variety; strong clumps look like fireworks with a continuous burst of new flowers all summer long. Well-deserving of a special spot in the full sun, ‘Hot Summer’ will generate a blooming display of color during the hottest time of the year.

Heuchera  “ Georgia Peach”  Coral Bells                                                           Like most peaches on a summer day, this Heuchera changes color from peachy-orange tones to rosy-purple and always with a decorative white veil. Especially bred for the warmer regions of our country, ‘Georgia Peach’ is stunning with surprisingly soft , large leaves that remain evergreen all year. Creamy-white flowers stand on wispy stems in spring.

Chasmanthium “River Mist” Sea Oats                                                                 What a beauty; one of our beloved natives with variegated foliage! A warm-season grower, upland sea oats are especially valued for their graceful, hanging “oats” held on slender, nodding foliage. Flowering begins in mid-summer with white seed heads that remain attractive through the winter months. A showcase plant, this striking green and white foliage form will make a fantastic specimen. Plant in part shade and provide adequate moisture during the summer months.

Weigela “Rainbow Sensation”
An old fashioned plant, Weigelas bring to mind some our most beloved memories; the fragrance of spring, a burst of pink or red trumpet-like blooms, perhaps a shrub flowering near your Grandmother’s doorstep. In the last 20 years, a great deal of work has gone into breeding for new improved varieties. This garden sensation represents a whole new class of Weigela. A charming selection, before the first flowers appear, Rainbow Sensation™ will brighten your garden with its attractive, variegated foliage. Dense clusters of soft-pink, funnel-shaped flowers bloom in profusion in May, as hummingbirds flock to harvest the sweet nectar. Gently arching stems add grace to the garden with a rainbow of color on this compact shrub. Stems can be cut for flower arrangements. A tough plant, Weigela is especially suited for urban environments where it performs beautifully with minimal care. Extremely hardy, plants thrive in a wide range of growing conditions.

“Goodness Grows” garden group now forming in Rathdrum…


“Goodness Grows” in Rathdrum…

New garden group in Rathdrum will have our next INFORMAL meeting SOON!…. We will anounce it on FACEBOOK! 

We will be brainstorming about how to make our children’s garden FABULOUS! We want to get a group together and “Garden with Purpose”…

Some of the ideas we are working on are: building a  Children’s Garden on Main Street in Rathdrum. We are starting a “Plant a Row for the Hungry” campaign to encourage people to donate their produce to the Rathdrum Food Bank. Another project is “Rathdrum in Bloom” Yard of the Month!

Come and join the fun!

There are so many ways that a group like this could benefit our community!  We are looking for like-minded gardeners who want to join us in our journey. This will not be the normal Garden Club with formal meetings and such. We want this to be more like a group of gardening friends who get together to do fun and rewarding work…Please come and join us. For more information call Jodee @ 964-2480

What amazing things could we do, if we put our minds and hearts together as one for the greater good? Come and join us… Everyone is invited!

Hungry for a kitchen garden like this…

  I want a kitchen Garden like this one! I am not sure who created it, but it looks too good to be true. If you recognize the Lady in the garden, and think she looks pretty good, too, you would be correct! It is Meryl Streep, from the movie “It’s Complicated”.  I haven’t seen this movie yet, but I would see it now just to see the gardens!  The potting shed is pretty nice, too!

Recycling as Art in the Garden

Bottle Fence in New Mexico. Photo By: Norbert Lazar, The Phantom Gardener, NY

I wonder what other great recycling ideas are out there using items that would normally end up in a landfill. Please post any photos you want to share. This idea really was exciting to me because our local Transfer Station Does Not Recycle Glass! I tried to turn in some bottles, and they said to put it with the regular trash going to the landfill! Ever since then I have been trying to think of something to do with all of those bottles…Here is my answer. Garden Art!

Hello Everyone!

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Our business is about People and Plants and this is where the two can connect!

Passion grown here…Happy Gardening!

David Austin Roses Coming Soon!

"William Shakespeare" English Rose Arrangement

Click HERE to see the Beautiful Roses that can be grown in zones 4 and 5…

These hardy Roses are coming to Westwood Gardens this Spring!