Pretty New Petunia!

“Pretty “seems to miss the mark when describing this work of art…This New Supertunia is AMAZING!

We have been going crazy dreaming of things to pair it with in baskets…hurry in to get some, as they won’t last long!

Exciting New Plants!

Shiloh Splash Birch is a cool new varigated form of River Birch.   It is a hardy zone 4 and it grows10′ tall and 8′ wide, smaller than the species, with smaller leaves. It gets yellow fall color and enjoys moisture. This should be a fun new plant to watch! Now in stock at the Garden Center!

Growing Spuds in Recycled Coffee Bags!

We found this great idea and are planning to try it! If you have a burlap bag  you can, too! 

By simply rolling down the sides of the bags like you would roll up your sleeves, and then planting potatoes in the bottom, you are started. As the plants grow you add more soil covering the plant stems by 1/2. Keep adding soil as the plants keep growing until they reach the top. When then are finished growing all you need to do is slit open the bag and find your burried treasure! You can plant these anywhere. We will be planting these with the kids in the” Go Green” Club at John Brown ElementarSchool in Rathdrum.

New Rain Barrels!

Stylish, New Rain Barrels now in stock!

With over 50 lakes in our neck of the woods, most people in North Idaho are not troubled by a lack of water! 

For some though, who get their water from an underground spring or shallow well, extra water for irrigating plants may be a challenge. Years ago before we drilled a well on our property, I remember conserving water by taking 5 min. showers and plugging up the drain so that I could bucket the water I had collected out to water my flower beds! ( Some people will do just about anything for their Gardens) In the middle of a heat wave we were always cautious to conserve water so that our spring would not dry up. I remember making many trips from the tub to the Garden!

When I saw these stylish Rainbarrels, I knew there must be some gardener out there, in my past situation, who could use one of these!

“Frost Proof” Flowers?

Pansies...The tuff guys in the Garden Center!

 People use the term “Pansy” when describing someone wimpy and weak…This strikes me funny because Pansies are the most durable flowers I have ever seen! Yesterday morning I came in after a night time low of 26 degrees and found them frozen solid! After they thawed in the sun as the day warmed, they looked as good as ever! Pansies are not at all wimpy!  They are the strongest little workhorses I have ever seen…They take a beating and keep on smiling with their cute little FACES!  If you want color NOW, in early Spring when it is still freezing at night, Pansies are your best bet!

Illume Candles just arrived!

Fragrance to fill your world while you are waiting for your flowers to grow and bloom! Wonderful fragrances like: Gardenia, Lemongrass, Pineapple Cilantro, Coconut Milk Mango,, and Pomegranate. 100% Natural

Special FACEBOOK Fans Offer:

The first 24 Fans to come into Westwood Gardens  and mention this posting receive a free MINI Tin of Illume’s most popular scent: Pineapple Cilantro!