Start you own Worm Factory!

New Worm Factory 360 COMING SOON to Westwood Gardens! We just ordered these great composters and should have one on display for you to see in about a week. The unit comes with a “How to” DVD that makes it so easy that anyone can compost with worms! Think about how many kitchen scaps are thrown away daily! This can all be composted and turned into beautiful worm casting compost and compost tea to put onto your plants! They will love it!

Gardening Classes at Westwood Gardens!

“Thursdays in the Garden”

Enjoy evening gardening demonstrations in a relaxed setting with like-minded gardeners. Refreshments provided. Pre-registration is required.  Call: 687-5952



Grapes for the home gardener

Edible Gardening Thursday July 15th 6-8 pm  Cost: $5.00 includes seed packet

-grow your own yummy veggies, herbs and fruits and berries… topics covered will be: container gardens, home orchards and pollination, growing edibles in the landscape, raised beds, and square foot gardening.

Water Gardening Thursday July 22nd 6-8 pm  Cost: $5.00   

~ in-ground and above ground in containers… Learn about hardy and non-hardy plant choices and how to make your own water garden.

Perennial Garden Design Thursday July 29th  6-8 pm  Cost: $5.00     

~ Thoughts and considerations when designing for your desires and exposure. Sun, shade, long bloomers, Color combos and attracting wildlife will all be discussed.

Garden Mosaics Thursday August 5th 6-8 pm  Cost: $15.00 to cover supplies.          

~ Come and create something wonderful to take home and adorn your garden with!

Please come and join us…bring your questions and bring a friend!