Fabulous Fall Foliage!

I was overtaken by the beauty of the vivid Fall colors yesterday! Reds, Oranges, Yellows…all so stunning. It made me think about the way we landscape during the other seasons of the year. We can learn from Fall and add these wonderful colors into our landscapes all year!

For red foliage:

Plum Trees,  Red Leaf Maples, Canada Red Chokecherry, Ninebarks, Barberries, Weigelias

For Yellow Foliage:

Princeton Gold Maple, Gold Catalpa, Golden Locust, Gold Dust Sweetgum, Gold Ninebark, Gold Barberry, Gold variegated Dogwood, GoldThread Cypress, Golden Privit

Orange Foliage: ( I cannot think of any… but there are many that turn beautiful Orange in the Fall)

Cherry Trees, Crabapples, Chokecherry, Green Barberry…all of these turn Orange!

Why don’t we use these Vivid colors all through our landscape and have Fall year round?

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