Harvesting natural decor’ for the Holidays!

xmas branches
Creating your own adornments for your home is as easy as a stroll through your yard with a pair of clippers. Many trees and shrubs can be harvested to use in arrangements, garlands and swags. When you walk through your yard for this purpose, you will see your landscape in a new light. Items like a Dogwood shrub or Vine Maple will be showing off their beautiful red branches begging to be cut and put into a vase with some Evergreens. Broadleaf Evergreens like Holly, English Laurel, Boxwood, Rhododendron and Oregon Grape all have glossy green leaves that last for weeks in a vase or with needled evergreen branches in swags and garlands to decorate. The seed pods of many grasses and even weeds all are dried from the season and add a natural look to most any arrangement. Grasses have a Fall, “Harvest” look to them and are perfect to mix into your creations for Thanksgiving décor’.
The branches of almost any conifer can bring the outside in quickly and easily. The cones can also add a natural element. The Needles of Grand Fir are very fragrant and soft so they are perfect to bring inside. Be careful and use gloves when handling prickly varieties of Evergreens such as Blue Spruce. If you are worrying about disfiguring your trees, cut from the bottom branches or the backsides of trees. Another way to prune with care is to take only a few branch tips.
When you take the time to utilize and create from your own landscape, you will be amazingly satisfied. It is a great feeling to use what you already have and end up with something wonderful. Nature is a great teacher. A trip through your yard will show you what great abundance we have and how to appreciate it. Wishing you a Natural Holiday season!

Birch and Burlap

Birch and Burlap


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