New items for Spring 2014!

We are so excited, we wanted to give you an early look at what’s new for Spring.

The Colorado outdoor fireplace

The Colorado outdoor fireplace

Our favorite! Large Oxidized Chimenea

Our favorite! Large Oxidized Chimenea

Circo with log storage

Circo with log storage

Announcing the addition of J.T. ‘s Fruit Ranch at Westwood Gardens!

Announcing the addition of J.T. 's Fruit Ranch at Westwood Gardens!

We have a HUGE selection of Fruit Trees and edibles including 4 n1 Fruit Trees, Hazelnuts, Paw Paw Trees, Berries, Organic Vegetables and MORE… Let us help you “Grow Your Own” Healthy vegetables and Fruit.

Fresh, New Landscape items for Fall!


New Deliveries this late in the season?? YES! We just added many new items to our selection for Fall! Lots of great Fall Foliage plants like “Tiger Eyes” Sumac and Fothergillia, new locally made carved Bears, locally made metal items like  firepits and metal pumpkins and flowers to decorate with. We are expecting a delivery of Scarecrows in all sizes to show up soon and we just unpacked a shipment of Fall themed garden flags including many new designs! Come share in the fun of the new season!

Start you own Worm Factory!

New Worm Factory 360 COMING SOON to Westwood Gardens! We just ordered these great composters and should have one on display for you to see in about a week. The unit comes with a “How to” DVD that makes it so easy that anyone can compost with worms! Think about how many kitchen scaps are thrown away daily! This can all be composted and turned into beautiful worm casting compost and compost tea to put onto your plants! They will love it!

New Rain Barrels!

Stylish, New Rain Barrels now in stock!

With over 50 lakes in our neck of the woods, most people in North Idaho are not troubled by a lack of water! 

For some though, who get their water from an underground spring or shallow well, extra water for irrigating plants may be a challenge. Years ago before we drilled a well on our property, I remember conserving water by taking 5 min. showers and plugging up the drain so that I could bucket the water I had collected out to water my flower beds! ( Some people will do just about anything for their Gardens) In the middle of a heat wave we were always cautious to conserve water so that our spring would not dry up. I remember making many trips from the tub to the Garden!

When I saw these stylish Rainbarrels, I knew there must be some gardener out there, in my past situation, who could use one of these!

Illume Candles just arrived!

Fragrance to fill your world while you are waiting for your flowers to grow and bloom! Wonderful fragrances like: Gardenia, Lemongrass, Pineapple Cilantro, Coconut Milk Mango,, and Pomegranate. 100% Natural

Special FACEBOOK Fans Offer:

The first 24 Fans to come into Westwood Gardens  and mention this posting receive a free MINI Tin of Illume’s most popular scent: Pineapple Cilantro!

Nature’s Greetings coming soon!

Nature's Greetings~I Love You

New Magical Bean Plants coming soon to Westwood Gardens! Many “sayings” to choose from. A fun gift for someone you love! Click on the link below for more information and to see the many choices offered to delight you!  Available retail or wholesale on the website and soon from Westwood Gardens, as well.

       Magic Treetings

Beautiful New Garden Flags for 2010!

All new styles of beautiful garden flags arriving soon at Westwood Gardens! These are of the highest quality and use vibrant colors that will grace your garden throught the Spring and Summer! New Fall styles arriving in late Summer.