Happy Spring!

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Spring has Sprung at Westwood Gardens! We are fully stocked with all of your favorites and more! Come and see what is new this year…I will give you a hint, with out spoiling your fun, we have expanded and you won’t be disappointed!

Hope to see you soon!


New LIFE emerging in the dead of Winter!

Newly emerging little sprouts give warmth to the dreary days of Winter! I had doubts about the ability to grow indoors and these precious little signs of hope are proving me wrong!

Experiment NOTES:

There has been some signs of mold wanting to start to ruin my little project. I knocked it down with my hand and added a fan to circulate the air.

I think I might need to find a sunnier window on the south side or add a grow light as these get bigger…?

Peas were fast to sprout and are supposed to be good as micro greens so I may want to start some and try them.

This would be a good project for kids! I bought my Grand kids a sprouting jar for them to try. I can’t wait to have them report on their progress!

Fabulous Fall Foliage!

I was overtaken by the beauty of the vivid Fall colors yesterday! Reds, Oranges, Yellows…all so stunning. It made me think about the way we landscape during the other seasons of the year. We can learn from Fall and add these wonderful colors into our landscapes all year!

For red foliage:

Plum Trees,  Red Leaf Maples, Canada Red Chokecherry, Ninebarks, Barberries, Weigelias

For Yellow Foliage:

Princeton Gold Maple, Gold Catalpa, Golden Locust, Gold Dust Sweetgum, Gold Ninebark, Gold Barberry, Gold variegated Dogwood, GoldThread Cypress, Golden Privit

Orange Foliage: ( I cannot think of any… but there are many that turn beautiful Orange in the Fall)

Cherry Trees, Crabapples, Chokecherry, Green Barberry…all of these turn Orange!

Why don’t we use these Vivid colors all through our landscape and have Fall year round?

Echinaceas Gone Crazy!

Echinacea "After Midnight"

Echinacea "Kim's Knee High"

Echinacea "Hot Lava"

Echinacea "Merlot"

Westwood Gardens has stocked up on HUNDREDS of new and exciting Summer blooming perennials like these Coneflowers to go Crazy for!

Hurry in for best selection, as these newer varieties have limited quanities available from the growers.

New Daisies now in stock…

“Bananna Cream”

  ‘Banana Cream’ is a  long-blooming Shasta Daisy with flowers that begin bright lemon-yellow before maturing through all shades of pastel into ivory cream! A fully blooming plant is a breathtaking sight, and the flowers last 2 weeks or more in the vase, assuring you of months of beautiful indoor arrangements!

Measuring 4 inches across, these blooms are technically semi-double, an extra layer of petals beneath the first adding depth and still more color to the display. The long, slender, very crowded petals surround a merry golden-orange center on thick, sturdy stems. Even the side-shoots bud heavily on ‘Banana Cream,’ provided the first blooms of the season are cut or deadheaded promptly.

The bloom season begins in late spring in most climates, continues through summer, and even trickles into autumn. That’s an incredible span for any plant, and much longer than most Shastas! Butterflies pay homage to ‘Banana Cream’ throughout it all, adding further bright color to the display.

‘Banana Cream’ reaches 15 to 18 inches high and 18 to 24 inches wide, with dense branching and dark green, healthy foliage held below the blooms. Far more disease-resistant than older varieties, this perennial asks little more than direct sun and fertile, well-drained garden soil to thrive and multiply over time in the garden. Climate Zone 5. 



New Lilacs now in …

White Lilac

All colors of Lilacs are now in stock at the Nursery… Many are filled with blooms!  We have dwarf varieties as well, like Miss Kim, Dwarf Korean, and Tinkerbelle.

 Among the full sized bushes, we have Purple, White, Blue, and Sensation, a newer purple that is edged in white… Hurry in for best selection!

“Frost Proof” Flowers?

Pansies...The tuff guys in the Garden Center!

 People use the term “Pansy” when describing someone wimpy and weak…This strikes me funny because Pansies are the most durable flowers I have ever seen! Yesterday morning I came in after a night time low of 26 degrees and found them frozen solid! After they thawed in the sun as the day warmed, they looked as good as ever! Pansies are not at all wimpy!  They are the strongest little workhorses I have ever seen…They take a beating and keep on smiling with their cute little FACES!  If you want color NOW, in early Spring when it is still freezing at night, Pansies are your best bet!

Nature’s Greetings coming soon!

Nature's Greetings~I Love You

New Magical Bean Plants coming soon to Westwood Gardens! Many “sayings” to choose from. A fun gift for someone you love! Click on the link below for more information and to see the many choices offered to delight you!  Available retail or wholesale on the website and soon from Westwood Gardens, as well.

       Magic Treetings

David Austin Roses Coming Soon!

"William Shakespeare" English Rose Arrangement

Click HERE to see the Beautiful Roses that can be grown in zones 4 and 5…

These hardy Roses are coming to Westwood Gardens this Spring!

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