Fall is for Planting!

Tiger Eyes Sumac

Tiger Eyes Sumac

We love the textures and colors of Fall. The cooler temps are excellent for working out in the yard. Fall is definitely, with out a doubt the very best time to plant. A plant that is transplanted now will have the most time to get established in it’s new home before the grueling heat of summer hits again. This gives the plant a chance to develop a strong root system that will give it a good fight when the stress of summer is upon us.

We have all of our nursery stock discounted, so from a buyer’s perspective, Fall is a good time to plant, too!
Come and let us help you add to your landscape this Fall!

Fall is for planting!

So many people ask if Fall is a good time to plant. The answer is YES! It is the best time to plant for one main reason. Plants that are put into a landscape now will be watered regularly without you having to even think twice about it! The temperatures are cooler and there is less chance of the plants going into transplant shock. Fall is a gentle season when the soil is still warm and plants will have the Fall and Winter and Spring to get new roots established before the drought and heat of Summer arrives. Commercial landscapers continue to install landscapes until the ground freezes. You can, too!Fall-is-for-Planting

Fabulous Fall at Westwood Gardens… Celebrate the Season with us!

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