Planting Parties… Gardening made easy at our new Saturday Workshops

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It’s Garden Time! Time to plant flowers and VEGGIES!

With the danger of frost behind us now, it’s garden time! The hard part now is deciding what to plant. One thing that we love about gardening is that you can have your flowers and VEGGIES, too! Everyone is doing it now. Mixing it up in their borders and containers…Planting herbs, spinach, strawberries and more, right in with the flowers we love! Gardening has no rules, so plant what you love, and HAVE FUN!

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Dreaming of lovely Spring Flowers and More…

As we sit here watching the snow fall and blanket the newly exposed ground, it is painful. These late Winter snows only delay our journey to connect once again with nature. W e ache to explore, to see what has survived and what has thrived. We long to make sense of what is and plan our masterpiece from what remains. Patience is being practiced and the joy we will feel when we finally get out into the garden will only be sweeter when we finally get there. Nature is our teacher and she teaches us appreciation in every season of the year. Dormant shrubs and trees and berries will be delivered next week, snow or no snow. We know that Spring is coming. We are certain of that. We will just have to be patient!west basket (2)

New Flowers to plant NOW!

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Fabulous Fall at Westwood Gardens… Celebrate the Season with us!

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Around the Nursery in July…


Take a look around the Nursery…Enjoy!

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Exciting new plants coming this week to Westwood Gardens!

We are so excited about all of the COOL, NEW plants on order and coming in this week, that we had to give you a sneak peek! Stop in and check out our HUGE selection of Every kind of plant you could want!  Westwood Gardens is the Candy  Store for Gardeners!

Early Spring Bloomers to add Spring Color to your yard!

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Come on into Westwood Gardens where we have Lots and lots of early Spring Bloomers for you to ENJOY! Our friendly staff can help you put together combos that will look stunning in flower beds or containers. There are many extra tough early flowers like these that can be planted NOW! Why wait? Stop in and see what’s blooming today!

“Frost Proof” Flowers?

Pansies...The tuff guys in the Garden Center!

 People use the term “Pansy” when describing someone wimpy and weak…This strikes me funny because Pansies are the most durable flowers I have ever seen! Yesterday morning I came in after a night time low of 26 degrees and found them frozen solid! After they thawed in the sun as the day warmed, they looked as good as ever! Pansies are not at all wimpy!  They are the strongest little workhorses I have ever seen…They take a beating and keep on smiling with their cute little FACES!  If you want color NOW, in early Spring when it is still freezing at night, Pansies are your best bet!