Trees are the Answer!

Trees are all around us here in North Idaho, so many of us take them for granted. Trees help combat global warming. They cool our homes and our environment. They save us money on heating and cooling costs with the shade and wind protection they offer us. Trees raise property values. Trees add so much to the quality of our lives. If we lived in a place that was barren and had no trees, we would realize how very fortunate we really are.
Stand outdoors in your yard in the hottest part of the day in summer and you will know if you could benefit from the protection of a tree. I was reminded of this as I drove down Manito Blvd one hot summer day not too long ago. Both sides of the street were lined with big, beautiful, mature trees that shaded the whole street and gave everyone on the street a break from the sweltering sun. If you already have trees in your yard, be thankful. If you do not, now is a great time to decide if you want to add one and plant it now.
Fall is the absolute best time to plant a tree. It allows the tree a great deal of time to get established before the heat of summer comes and stresses it. The great thing about planting in the Fall is that you can almost plant it and forget about it. Trees planted when the temps are warmer must be watered much more carefully all summer. Fall planted trees will need to be watered regularly, too, however they will require less and less care as the Fall turns into Winter.