Wondering what to plant early?

So many plants so little time…. but what to plant in April? We all know that the nasty frost can ruin tender plants in a blink of an eye.  It almost always happens when you least expect it. Forget to bring in your planters or baskets with items that are greenhouse grown and you bet it will freeze that night!

There are however, many tough plants that like cool weather and can tolerate the cold. These are what folks should be buying and planting outside right now.  These include:

*Herbs like: Parsley, Sage, Oregano, Thyme.

*Early blooming perennials like: Phlox, Rockcress, Columbine, Lupine, Lamium, Campanula, Bergenia, Bleeding Hearts and MORE!

*Cold Crop Veggies like: Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Kale, Spinach, Lettuces, Kohlrabi, Chard, Beets,Onions, Potatoes and Peas.

* Pansies and Violas can cure any craving for color, and they can freeze solid and still keep smiling!

One of the biggest gardening mistakes I think I see every year is people waiting until the Tomatoes can be planted  and planting their entire garden then. A good garden gets planted in a sequence of plantings beginning when the soil can be worked in March and April and ending in the Fall when a late crop of greens can be planted and harvested up until the snow falls.

What do you want to grow? Let the helpful staff at Westwood Gardens help show you what can and cannot  plant now!

Natural and re-purposed decor’

One very easy way to bring in outdoors inside is to use naturally harvested materials like these inside your home or close to your living space in your garden areas. Anyone living in North Idaho is blessed with abundance and the wooded areas around us are full of beautiful brush that can be harvested and made into almost anything! We recently collected twigs and branches of all sorts and wired them into frames and made panels to hang in the cieling of the gift shoppe at Westwood Gardens. We are renovating that area with all natural and re-purposed items.  The panels were hung yesterday and they look fabulous and add an organic element to the space.

Our intention is to create an Urban/Natural look in our gift shoppe. The panels have definately done their part! As for the “urban”, we visited the Habitat for Humanity Surplus Store and found some galvanized metal pieces that were 12 feet long and are attaching them to the cieling as well to contrast with the branches. We already had a strand of outdoor lights that had circular galvanized metal tops above the bulbs. The look we wanted is really coming together and for very little money! It has been fun re-purposing and creating. It has reminded me of the abundance of resources all around us! I will certainly post photos when we are finished!

Growing Vegetables Indoors…Can we get to a Harvest?

It is a fresh new year full of possibilities, so why am I doubting myself? I have never been very successful growing indoors, and now I have a plan to actually get my newly planted seeds to do their thing and actually live and produce something edible before my very eyes on our kitchen table. This may be wishful thinking, or it just seems wishful because I have never done it yet.

I pulled the Earthboxes out of storage yesterday. Unburied 3 bags of Organic potting Soil from the snow and brought them inside to thaw out. Today was the big day to plant! After soaking the seeds overnight, I seeded directly into the soil in the boxes. I saved some of the seeds in case these flop and I need to start them in mini greenhouse trays and then transplant them when they are bigger. I know some plants do not like to be transplanted so I figured I would try direct sowing first.

I planted quick-growing “Bloomsdale” Spinach(39 days), “Red Russian” Kale(60 days), “Bulls Blood” beets(60 days), and “Oregon Sugar Pod II” peas(62 days). The way I figure it we should be able to eat some spinach by Valentine’s Day and then be harvesting the rest by March 1st. I intend to juice any beet greens or Kale starts that I end up thinning out. I am sure I planted too thick to be sure I had enough seedings pop up to choose from.  Cross your fingers for me and I will keep you posted on this challenge weekly.

New Rain Barrels!

Stylish, New Rain Barrels now in stock!

With over 50 lakes in our neck of the woods, most people in North Idaho are not troubled by a lack of water! 

For some though, who get their water from an underground spring or shallow well, extra water for irrigating plants may be a challenge. Years ago before we drilled a well on our property, I remember conserving water by taking 5 min. showers and plugging up the drain so that I could bucket the water I had collected out to water my flower beds! ( Some people will do just about anything for their Gardens) In the middle of a heat wave we were always cautious to conserve water so that our spring would not dry up. I remember making many trips from the tub to the Garden!

When I saw these stylish Rainbarrels, I knew there must be some gardener out there, in my past situation, who could use one of these!

“Frost Proof” Flowers?

Pansies...The tuff guys in the Garden Center!

 People use the term “Pansy” when describing someone wimpy and weak…This strikes me funny because Pansies are the most durable flowers I have ever seen! Yesterday morning I came in after a night time low of 26 degrees and found them frozen solid! After they thawed in the sun as the day warmed, they looked as good as ever! Pansies are not at all wimpy!  They are the strongest little workhorses I have ever seen…They take a beating and keep on smiling with their cute little FACES!  If you want color NOW, in early Spring when it is still freezing at night, Pansies are your best bet!

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David Austin Roses Coming Soon!

"William Shakespeare" English Rose Arrangement

Click HERE to see the Beautiful Roses that can be grown in zones 4 and 5…

These hardy Roses are coming to Westwood Gardens this Spring!