We’re OPEN…come on in!

Westwood Gardens CDA PF April 2018

Spring is in the air!

We are OPEN for the season!
Our hours are the same as they have been for the last 15 seasons….
Monday through Saturday 9am to 6 pm
Sundays 10 am to 5 pm
We like change, but not where our hours are concerned!westwood pottery ad april

Spring Fling Landscaping Sale!


Dreaming of lovely Spring Flowers and More…

As we sit here watching the snow fall and blanket the newly exposed ground, it is painful. These late Winter snows only delay our journey to connect once again with nature. W e ache to explore, to see what has survived and what has thrived. We long to make sense of what is and plan our masterpiece from what remains. Patience is being practiced and the joy we will feel when we finally get out into the garden will only be sweeter when we finally get there. Nature is our teacher and she teaches us appreciation in every season of the year. Dormant shrubs and trees and berries will be delivered next week, snow or no snow. We know that Spring is coming. We are certain of that. We will just have to be patient!west basket (2)

Spring is happening at Westwood Gardens, even with the SNOW!

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We are not fair weather gardeners at Westwood Gardens! We are bringing on Spring in spite of the SNOW we have had sent to us by our Bi-polar Mother Nature. We are hoping she is back on her meds now and will send us Spring as usual. She is not stopping us, though. Come in and see Spring at the Nursery, you won’t be disappointed! Our talented designers, Jill and Stephanie have been busy and have a great selection of planters to delight you! They can custom make any thing your heart desires!

“Frost Proof” Flowers?

Pansies...The tuff guys in the Garden Center!

 People use the term “Pansy” when describing someone wimpy and weak…This strikes me funny because Pansies are the most durable flowers I have ever seen! Yesterday morning I came in after a night time low of 26 degrees and found them frozen solid! After they thawed in the sun as the day warmed, they looked as good as ever! Pansies are not at all wimpy!  They are the strongest little workhorses I have ever seen…They take a beating and keep on smiling with their cute little FACES!  If you want color NOW, in early Spring when it is still freezing at night, Pansies are your best bet!