It’s Garden Time! Time to plant flowers and VEGGIES!

With the danger of frost behind us now, it’s garden time! The hard part now is deciding what to plant. One thing that we love about gardening is that you can have your flowers and VEGGIES, too! Everyone is doing it now. Mixing it up in their borders and containers…Planting herbs, spinach, strawberries and more, right in with the flowers we love! Gardening has no rules, so plant what you love, and HAVE FUN!

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Gardening made EASY!

The all new Square Foot Gardening Book!

I have been gardening since I can remember with my parents. I always remember my favorite job was to make the hills for the squash and cukes.  The dirt was always fluffy and nice. I didn’t know what an accomplishment that was until I started my own garden as an adult!  The amending and the rototilling, and more amending!  Still, I never seemed to have the nice soil that my parents were able to achieve .

That all changed last year when we set up an above ground demonstration garden at the nursery! I was so excited at how fluffy the soil was and then later at how BIG everything in that bed grew! It was the difference between night and day compared to my attempts to garden in the ground . I had read Mel Bartholomew’s  “All New Square Foot Gardening” and followed his soil recipe pretty closely.  I added Composts, Peat Moss and Vermiculite in nearly equal amounts as he did and it was awesome compared to the hard rock clay “top soil” that I was used to gardening in.  We followed his plan even closer this season in that bed and made the square grids to guide our planting and it looks like everything we planted is perfectly spaced!

I can’t tell you how easy it is to take some 2 x 6 boards and some metal corner brackets at a few dollars a piece and put together a “raised bed”.  You can build it anywhere!  On top of lawn that you are having to mow and water seems like the very best spot!  If you are going to be a slave to something, make it something that produces healthy food for you and your family!

We do have everything you need to get started on this wonderful adventure. We even have some pass outs available to use as a guide if you haven’t got the book. You can stop in and see our display garden and see just how EASY it really is! Who says you have to have  “green thumb” to GARDEN?  Happy planting!

Growing Vegetables Indoors…Can we get to a Harvest?

It is a fresh new year full of possibilities, so why am I doubting myself? I have never been very successful growing indoors, and now I have a plan to actually get my newly planted seeds to do their thing and actually live and produce something edible before my very eyes on our kitchen table. This may be wishful thinking, or it just seems wishful because I have never done it yet.

I pulled the Earthboxes out of storage yesterday. Unburied 3 bags of Organic potting Soil from the snow and brought them inside to thaw out. Today was the big day to plant! After soaking the seeds overnight, I seeded directly into the soil in the boxes. I saved some of the seeds in case these flop and I need to start them in mini greenhouse trays and then transplant them when they are bigger. I know some plants do not like to be transplanted so I figured I would try direct sowing first.

I planted quick-growing “Bloomsdale” Spinach(39 days), “Red Russian” Kale(60 days), “Bulls Blood” beets(60 days), and “Oregon Sugar Pod II” peas(62 days). The way I figure it we should be able to eat some spinach by Valentine’s Day and then be harvesting the rest by March 1st. I intend to juice any beet greens or Kale starts that I end up thinning out. I am sure I planted too thick to be sure I had enough seedings pop up to choose from.  Cross your fingers for me and I will keep you posted on this challenge weekly.

New Orgainic Earthboxes!

Welcome to EarthBox®

The World’s Most Revolutionary Gardening System!

Acting on the laws of nature, the EarthBox facilitates the movement of nutrients from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentration. When the EarthBox is set up, the fertilizer stripe is placed on top of the potting mix-creating an area of high nutrient concentration. At this time, the potting mix around the roots of the growing plant has no fertilizer. When water is added, the moist potting mix slowly conducts the diluted nutrients down the concentration gradient to the plant roots,which absorb optimal amounts of nutrients at any given time. 

The EarthBox’s plastic cover drastically reduces the water evaporation rate and returns condensed water vapor to the potting mix. As the plants draw water from the reservoir, they consume only what they need to stay healthy. Plants cannot be over-watered or under-watered if the reservoir is kept full. The plastic cover also prevents fertilizer from being diluted or washed away by rain.

Many of our customers have come back to us asking for refills, and this year we will have them! We are stocking the Organic Kits and Replant kits!